The Club Permit Scheme (CPS) is a system that enables an unregistered vehicle to be used on Victorian Roads (including ALL States of Australia) for 45 or 90 days.  A Log Book entry, which must be filled out each day the vehicle is driven on the road, keeps track of the number of days used.  This Permit Scheme is only available to members belonging to a Club that has Vic Roads approval.  The DVHCC Inc. has such approval.

Club Permit Scheme is obtained from VicRoads when you present the necessary paperwork, and proof of Club membership.  In most cases the Club Permit Scheme cannot be transferred from owner to owner and a new plate will be issued.  Vehicles manufactured after 1 January 1949 require a RWC, vehicles manufactured before 31 December 1948 (or in the case of a DVHCC Inc. vehicles manufactured before 31st December 1942) have the option of a RWC or a Club Safety Check.  However it is a good idea to get a RWC anyway.  There is no Stamp Duty for the Club Permit Scheme, however you will have to pay the Stamp Duty should you ever wish to register it normally.  Further information can be found on the Vic Roads Web Site

Personalised or Slim Line number plates are NOT available for the Club Permit Scheme, all plates are white numbers / letters on a maroon background.  An Interim Label must be attached to the windscreen. A “Log Book” must be carried at all times and a single day entry filled out prior to use each day.  A day is from midnight to midnight.

The DVHCC Inc. has a requirement of two (2) mandatory Club events be attended in your CPS registered vehicle during the 12 months prior to your permit becoming due, before the renewal will be signed.  If this requirement cannot be met, for example laid up for restoration, you must notify the Secretary in writing stating the reason your CPS registered vehicle cannot meet the mandatory requirement.

The DVHCC Inc. will endorse a Club Permit for vehicles manufactured prior to 31st December 1942 with a RWC or Safety Check.

Providing the member also owns a Club Eligible Vehicle, that is a vehicle  manufactured prior to 31st December 1942, the DVHCC Inc. will also issue a Club Permit for vehicles manufactured after 1 January 1943 but only with a RWC.

If you cease to be a financial member of the DVHCC Inc. VicRoads will be notified and your CPS permit will be cancelled.

Further information can be obtained from the VicRoads Web Site. Click Here