My interest in cars possibly started when I was very young. 

The family Austin A40 to me was an English Classic (although the 
rest of the family hated it).  They were old then.   My Dad would 
tinker with this to keep it running.  When it could no longer be 
repaired cheaply he would buy another one the same and save 
the good bits and the rest went to the tip. 

So no surprise when the Dodge, a 1925 Tourer, 4 cylinder, side valve 
came along.  It had been in my partner Jane's family for over 30 years 
and rarely driven.   Looking at the picture the car appears in good 

  brianjelliff25dodge.jpg (126761 bytes)

An older restoration maybe 40 or so years ago, it was in running order
and the body not bad for its’ age.   All original though, even the engine 
had never been rebored.  Sadly, underneath the mechanicals were very 
worn.  The engine had been worked on before but just a quick sand 
paper and new rings was considered a rebuild. 

So not knowing much about these cars, and despite good advice about 
not doing it, I started work. 

I removed the engine, had the bores machined and new pistons 
and rings fitted.   The crank needed .012 ground and new bearings 
made, valve grind and new valve springs etc.   The front end needed 
kingpins, steering bushes and the wheel bearing/seals needed 
attention.  Seems whoever repaired the suspension thought that 
bushes were optional.

Another highlight of my interest is the many swap meets, where I get to 
meet people, talking to them about their cars and mine.   I’ve bought 
many pieces and tools this way.   

Cars like the Dodge are not worth that much but are an affordable hobby 
giving many hours of pleasure.