Les and Aileen joined the club in November 1977 after Les found the remains of a 
1925 Hupmobile under some sheets of iron whilst looking for chickens eggs on Aileens 
grandparent's farm. The search for parts unearthed a more complete 1923 model which, 
being a more viable project, replaced the 1925.   Then a 1914 Model 32 was purchased 
which took over from the 1923. 

By now involvement with School Council,Scouts and Little Athletics were taking all Les’s 
spare time and although he kept things moving by joining the TAFE panel beating course 
nothing was progressing at anywhere near a reasonable rate. 

During this period he also acquired another 1925 model and a 1924 (All wrecks one must 
understand) and served 4 years on the DVHCC committee, two as Treasurer and two
as Secretary. Finally the boys left school and joined the workforce and Les rejoined the 
committee for a further two years as Treasurer. He then surveyed his collection of 
Hupmobiles in an effort to decide what was the easiest to get on the road. 

The 1924 was by far the most complete and in the best condition so was an obvious 
choice but Aileen’s patience had run out and on hearing from a club member of a really 
nice Hupmobile (what other type is there?) for sale insisted on going to see it.


This turned out to be a 1926, straight eight E model and under pressure from 
‘she who must be obeyed’ it was purchased and with the help of club members 
and friends was put on the road. Several club runs were completed before a 
long weekend away revealed some previously unnoticed problems, especially 
in the overheating area.  These have been addressed and final reassembly awaits. 

The 1914 and 1923 have since been sold.

Les Thomas also has 1929 model Z and 1938 model D Levis motorcycles and also runs 
The Australasian Levis Motorcycle Register.


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