5th August 2001

I had taken note at the Friday meeting when President Pete had made the comment that at our first port of call, Roger’s, the plant man, we would be seeing his collection of cars and MOTORBIKES! Any hope Aileen had of me continuing with the home decorating were dashed and on arrival at this destination I was not disappointed. Outside the opened garage were the 1929 Ford A roadster and 1929 Rugby coupe but inside were the vehicles that we have less chance of viewing. 1929 New Imperial 350 side valve and 1936 New Imperial 250 overhead valve motorbikes. Club eligible vehicles you may note. Fine British engineering too, as were the 1954 Matchless 500, (nicknamed the Jampot because of the short, large diameter rear suspension units), the 1954 Triumph Tiger 110 (110mph was the reputed top speed) and the 1970 Triumph Bonneville (named after the Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA where the world speed record had been achieved using the Triumph twin engine. This machine is also notable in that the engine oil is stored in the frame.

After some time, the gentlemen having viewed the vehicles and the ubiquitous “chassis” calendar and the ladies desiring to sample and discuss the culinary side of things, most started on their way to the next destination. But a few lingered because they had heard that THERE WAS MORE. And there was. And no-one was more impressed than me to see the Ariel Red Hunter motorcycle complete with Dusting sidecar gracing the lounge room. Er, Aileen. I was just thinking. No. I don’t think I’d have a hope.

Les Thomas.

Noelle and I left Roger’s Bicycle and Auto Emporium on time 11.00am and went back the way we came – past Waverly park and down the highway. Hopgoods followed but our speedo is
wonky so we got a bit ahead for some of the distance. Seems there was a “minor” discussion between Les and Pauline Standing in the Austin 7 when Les wanted to follow the Prices Highway but reckoned they should follow us as we knew the way. Anyway it did not make any difference because they arrived at Sue and David Pater’s place not long after us.

We must have been one of the first there – out came Sue in her apron(just for looks because it smelt of moth balls). A big welcome as the rest of the family appeared. Just then the mob arrived and things started to get busy. There was discussion about the plastic dog in the tray of the Nash, Sam put his hand over the fence and patted the German Shepherd and people got into the art of socialising. Then it was inside to be souped and breaded by Sue, David, Harley and Karen. Their new house is very nice with a lot of antiques. People sat around eating, drinking and talking
and began to forget all about time – warm and friendly while it rained outside. Thanks to Sue and helpers for some excellent pumpkin and chicken soup as well as bread sticks, along with the real family welcome. All of a sudden it was time to be off to Sinclair’s. Directions were given even though it was up on the next corner, discussion as to whether to head straight up the side road or down and around Halcyon Drive – we took the latter and it was a nice drive.

Peter and Noelle Matthews

After warming up on the soup and enjoying the good company at David and Sue Paters home, we moved off, in between showers of rain, to the new home of Irwin, Bev and James Sinclair, where we were welcomed and then enjoyed casseroles, rice and pasta. After a hearty meal we were then invited to inspect the “GIANORMAS” garage which was recently filled with their collection of Cadillacs, La Salles etc., After an enjoyable meal, inspection of the cars and good conversation we then headed off to Mazz and Peter Lafranks for sweets, the trip was only short along the highway,
but still raining.

Lynne Burgess.

Comments re Irwin’s shed:
“Mother of all garages”
“A Man’s Toyshed”
“This is where we can hold our restoration classes!”
“This is bigger than my house”
“No Greg, you cannot have one” – (is that why Marilyn
followed Greg out?)

Third Course Dessert:
This was held at the Lafrank residence. Well isn’t it
amazing how many different ways to travel from the Sinclair’s
residence to Peter & Mazz’s for cars were arriving from all
directions. As usualMazz was ready with the table fully laden
with apple strudel, Pavlova, cream by the bowlful, lovely
fresh scones, strawberry jam and more cream, finished off
with a lovely array of slices not forgetting that wonderful
BBQ fire that we enjoyed on such a cold day. We do have a
complaint, Pete, how about moving that trip step that caught
some people (namely Joy & Ron). Being so warm and comfortable
it took some effort to wander out to “PETE’S SHED”. Summary
of day. Pater’s soup and hot buttered bread absolutely
beautiful, thankyou to the cooks. Sinclair’s chicken & beef
casseroles & rice, absolutely delightfully delicious. Thanks
again to the cooks, glad I don’t have to clean Irwin’s
aeroplane hanger. Lafrank’s a wonderful array with lots of
choices. Mazz has outdone herself as usual. Special thanks
to all the members who opened their homes for this great
day. Thank you all.

Joy Tharle.

Asking me, a practicing diabetic to be the critic or observer
of any food function at Mazz and Peter’s is like asking the
Rev. F. Nile to be the Patron Saint of the Sydney Mardi Gras.
But, still knowing the dangers to my health, I took this
request seriously, thus on arrival found a beautiful warm
enclosed B.B.Q area loaded with goodies of which I soon
settled into sampling these treats that Joy described.
Sometimes I took the biggest pieces just to be sure of their
qualities, and the quality was superb. Great job Mazz! The
only black mark for the day was trying to eat these goodies
with Carol Bowden catching me at it. (The food that is).
After sampling all the goodies we wandered into Pete’s shed.
This is how a shed should be. Cluttered with years of
essential items including car, motorbike, hobby projects
and desirables, pieces of something. I found a panel that
Peter made in our TAFE night class, which I confiscated
as I needed to show it to our current night classes.
Overall this dessert stop put the icing on the cake so to
speak. Many thanks to all organisers and to the large
numbers of members who supported this great day.

Lindsay Tharle.

Club cars attending
Les & Pauline Standing 1932 Austin 7 Tourer
Geoff & Dulcie Strahan 1926 Olsmobile Tourer
Ron & Pam Barnett 1928 A Ford
Roger & Vivien 1929 Rugby
Sam & Myra Capes 1939 Chev Sedan
Kevin & Carol Clarence 1933 Rolls Royce
Peter & Pat Grogan 1934 Dodge Sedan
Linton & Noeleen Hayres 1927 Buick Tourer
Ron & Grace Hickmott 1938 Dodge 2 Door Sedan
Ern & Pam Hopgood 1928 Chevrolet Tourer
Peter & Mazz Lafrank 1927 Buick Tourer
Peter & Noel Matthews 1928 Chev Tourer
Ray & Ruth Paterson 1937 Chevrolet Coupe
Joy & Lindsay Tharle 1938 Plymouth Sedan
David & Sue Pater 1925 Nash Ute

Cars of Special Interest:
Kel & Lynne Burgess 1949 Jaguar
Fred & Pat Lombardo 1960 Dodge

Modern cars attending:
Peter & Anne Booth
Reg & Margaret Clarence
Greg & Marilyn Cohen
Stan & Margaret & Corrie Snyder
Les & Aileen Thomas
Irwin & Bev Sinclair
Fred & Valda Lubbe
Keith & Sheila Shugg
Denise Nye
Phil & Carol Bowden
Ross & Gaylene & Alan & Leica Manners and Peter Stone