Sunday 9 September was chosen for the Club run to Werribee to view the B24 Liberator under restoration. The weather forecast wasn’t too promising and it was raining as my mate, John Christie and I headed off in my ’27 Chev west bound.

Fortunately that was the only rain that we experienced all day. Most of those attending met at the Todd Road Service Centre just short of the Westgate Bridge whilst those who chose to, went straight to the Restoration Hangar. Don Jones and his boys were out in their “Yellow Peril”, Don’s Austin A30. I think this was the first time the Austin had joined us
on one of our Club runs. The B24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Project is staffed fully by volunteers and their dedication is to be admired. We were welcomed and given an introduction on our arrival then shown slides, split into two groups and shown around the hangar. Liberator Bombers were built by the thousand by the American war effort, but under Lend-Lease arrangements, were to be scrapped at the end of the war.  This one was posted to East Sale RAAF base at the end of the war and was disposed of into private ownership around 1950. With the wings removed it was transported to Moe where it remained till around 1996 when the project acquired the hulk. It’s the only remaining Liberator in the southern Hemisphere. Parts have been salvaged from crash sites both in Australia and New Guinea and these have been big projects in themselves. At a service last year the project was dedicated as a Memorial to all Australian Service people who served in Liberator Units.

It is hoped that the restoration will be completed by the 2003 Avalon Airshow when the finished article can be
unveiled and from then on housed as Lindsay Fox has promised Hangar space at Avalon.

Of particular interest on the run was that Keith Shugg served as a very young RAAF serviceman at this very site 57 years ago. Judging by the smile on Keith there must be some good memories from that period of his life. Another point of interest is that the hangars at Werribee are original WWII hangars and as so few still exist there is both a National and International Trust classification issued against two of them. (I was fascinated by the timber in the roof structure, all made in kit form in the UK and transported to Australia for erection … Ed!)

At the completion of our tour we relocated just up the road to the Racecourse Hotel. Here we partook in a very enjoyable lunch and as the afternoon grew on, members made their own ways home. Thanks to Irwin for organising both the run and the lunchvenue.

Peter & Anna Booth 1929 Austin A7 Tourer
Les & Pauline Standing 1932 Austin A7
TourerAlbert Briffa & Peg Place
& John & Jennifer Griffiths 1929 Chev Tourer
Kevin & Carol Clarence 1934 Lagonda Rapier
Ern & Pam Hopgood 1928 Chev Tourer
Peter & Mazz Lafrank 1927 Buick Tourer
Les Lucas & John Christie 1927 Chev Tourer
Peter & Noel Matthews 1928 Chev Tourer
Sue & David Pater 1925 Nash Ute

Don, Sam,& Jack Jones – Austin -A30

Ray & Ruth Paterson
Ron Barnett
Ron & Margaret Elmore
Rodger Bowen & Keith
Keith & Sheila Shugg
Les & Aileen Thomas
Phil Bowden
Fred & Valda Lubbe
Irwin Sinclair
Kel & Lynne Burgess
Rin & Marion Ooykaas