First Saturday in February

The Annual Swap Meet at Akoonah Park Berwick in Melbourne
Victoria has come and gone for another year.

Quite a few of our members arrived at Akoonah Park on
Friday afternoon to find that the old shelter we had used
in the past as Swap Headquarters had been relocated to an
unsuitable spot. Our resourceful President made quick
alternative arrangements and Headquarters was established
under the Big Top. This seemed to set the tone for the
next 24 hours as problems were readily dealt with as they
came along.

After a steady stream of patrons had arrived on Saturday
morning the weather turned feral with quite steady rain
for a couple of hours. I thought this may have sent people
home earlier than usual but this didn’t seem to happen,
in fact I thought more (particularly site holders) hung
back later this year than in the past.

In very short summary I’m sure the highlight of the event
is the way in which our members get behind it and work so
diligently for the Club. As long as this remains the case
there can be no end in sight in what has become a
successful and long standing Swap Meet.


Club Cars Attending
Peter Booth 1929 Austin 7
Ron Barnett 1928 A Ford
Roger Bowen & Vivien 1928 A Ford
Ian Chatfield 1939 Chevrolet Truck
Fred Elliott 1926 Chevrolet Tourer
Linton Hayres 1927 Buick Tourer
Rin Ooykaas 1938 Hudson Sedan
Stan, Margaret & Corrie Snyder 1930 A Ford Tourer
Geoff Watcher Newly restored Triumph Coupe
Sue Pater 1925 Nash Ute

Cars of Special Interest
Geoff Tangey 1957 Chev Sed
Don, Jack & Sam Jones Austin A30 with trailer.