April 2002

Sunday 7 April 2002 we met at Chadstone Mitsubishi at
8.45 am as planned, and surprise surprise the weather
was fine with no rain forecast. We learned that the Domain
tunnel was closed and it was decided we would travel via
Dandenong road into Kingsway and on to the tollway from
there, arriving at Wallan just after 10.00 am.

Here we had our morning tea stop and a bit of a chat as
we were joined by Fred and Loris Elliot who had caught up
with us just as we arrived. After a short stay we headed
off for a 4 km drive to Bylands, meeting up with David
and Sue Pater along the way.

After a look around at some of the memorabilia in the kiosk,
Phil paid for the visit and in return was given a tram
ticket for each passenger. Then all 13 of us boarded a tram
and took a ride down the 1km of track restored so far.
The track is built on the old Kilmore to Bendigo railway
reserve and the goal is to eventually complete the track
from Bylands to Kilmore.

Andy the tram driver obviously loves his work, as his full
time job is driving trams from the Glenhuntly Depot, and
at the weekend he helps restore and drive trams at the
museum. During the tram ride Peter was given some first
hand instructions on how to drive a tram.

Andy was a mindful of information and was able to answer
the many questions asked during the tram ride and the
tour of the sheds. I was surprised to learn how cheap
trams are to run, it only costs 20 cents for the electricity
to run the tram the 2 km return trip. This is about the
same as the petrol cost for a car.

After a tour of the sheds where numerous trams are stored,
we visited a newly completed shed which came from the
Docklands in Melbourne, and re erected on site with
compliments of the State Government at a cost of $600,000.

Among other things, this shed had an old cable tram
which was of great interest to the boys who pondered over
how the various mechanisms

worked. We then sat down to a most enjoyable chat and
plenty of laughter over lunch before our journey home.

Valda & Fred Lubbe

Club Car Attending:
Peter Lafrank 1929 Chevrolet Sedan

Members in Interesting Vehicles:
Ken and Shirley Savage & Sally 1947 Dodge Les and
Pauline Standing 1949 MG

Modern: Fred and Valda Lubbe, Phil Bowden, David and
Sue Pater, Fred and Loris Elliott