I arrived at 7.30 to meet the boys with their Stationary
Engines so they could get into position before all the cars
arrived. The cars all started to arrive from about 9.00
onwards and with the help of the club members the cars were
parked on the grass area, as the grounds had been double
booked for the day, no fault of the Dandenong club.

The other people there were the Alpacca Society and after
great debate we had to share the racecourse for the day.

As it turned out the day went off really well with about
325 cars attending and with display’s of bottles, needlework
folk art and other items kept the ladies happy too.

The girl guides put on a very good B.B.Q. lunch for those
that forgot to bring their lunch along.

Free tea and coffee were supplied by the Federation in the
canteen, which was greatly appreciated by all members.

Sorry I did not take note of all cars but they ranged from
early 1900 up to Mustangs. It was pleasing from our club
to see so many people partaking in a picnic lunch at the
front or around their cars and also enjoying the beautiful
sunny day.

May I thank all the club members who helped on the day with
parking and displays.

Over the years that the picnic has been going, the cars
attending has increased from about 150 up to the 325 that
attended today, so next year we should increase by more.

So to all the clubs in the Federation please keep the
first Sunday in May free to attend the Pakenham Picnic.

Yours in the 30 Don

Club Cars Attending

Roger Bowen and Vivian 1929 A Ford
Albert Briffa and Peg Place 1929 Chevrolet
Reg and Margaret Clarence 1939 Ford Delux
Ron and Margaret Elmore 1930 A Ford
Peter and Pat Grogan 1934 Dodge Sedan
Linton Hayres 1927 Buick Tourer
Ron and Grace Hickmott 1929 A Ford
Peter and Mazz Lafrank 1927 Buick Tourer
Les Lucas 1927 Chevrolet
Wally and Denise Nye 1928 Austin16/6
Ken and Shirley Savage 1927 Bean 18/50
Gary Skerman and Children 1930 A Ford
Chris and Rachael Tharle & Children 1937 Chevrolet
Geoff and Gay Tangey 1937 Chevrolet
Lindsay and Joy Tharle 1938 Plyrnouth
Geoff Wachter & Friend Greg 1929 Triumph
John Zeigler 1928 Chevrolet
Brian in John Zeigler’s 1929 Chevrolet
Peter and Ann Booth 1928 Austin 7
Lloyd and Margaret Lancaster 1930 A Ford

Cars of Special Interest
Kel and Lynne Burgess Jaguar
Graeme Smith DeSoto
Bill Savage Dodge
Fred Delphine Ford
Don Jones Austin A30
Les Standing MG Y
Irwin, Bev & James Sinclair Cadillac