Day 1 – Saturday 10 March 2001

For us the day started with an early awakening at 5.00am for a
shower, shave, etc and into the car for a drive to the Eildon
Holiday Resort to meet everyone in time for breakfast at 8.00am.
Breakfast consisted of good company around the table, cereal,
scrambled eggs on toast, and toast with various spreads.

After breakfast we headed out on a short drive to the fish
hatchery where we had a short talk about the activities there,
followed by a video on how they breed and stock the fresh
waterways with trout, salmon, Murray cod and other species
of fish. We then had the opportunity to feed some of the
trout in one of the ponds, followed by a tour of the exhibits
inside which included trout, cod, fresh water crays, and
yabbies in glass tanks, and a tank where we could actually
touch small trout swimming in a tank.

On leaving the hatchery some of us decided to walk back
to camp, and on our way down a hill we heard a 1926
Oldsmobile attempting a roll start to no avail. The driver
hopped out, opened the bonnet and quickly diagnosed
the problem, and before you knew it the engine sprang to
life and they were back on their way, well done.

Lunch consisted of BBQ’d sausages and hamburgers with
salad and bread, after which we drove down to Jerusalem
Creek for a two hour cruise on lake Eildon.  Shortly after we
left Jerusalem Creek, one of the passenger’s Akubra hat
was blown overboard, and the skipper made several
attempts to recover it by maneuvering the boat close to it,
while someone at the bow tried to hook it with a gaff, but to
no avail.  Watching all this was Sam, who started to strip off
in preparation for a dive in to the water to rescue the hat.
Unbeknown to Sam, a five woman crew in a small runabout
were watching him and decided on a closer look, on arrival
they retrieved the hat and threw it back onto our vessel.

We then went on to the dam wall passing some impressive
houseboats on the way. At the same time we had afternoon
tea and a bonding sing-a-long on the way back to shore.

On our return to Jerusalem Creek we visited the lookout
where we had a great view of the lake and pondage, and
then continued on to Eildon Township for ice cream.

Evening meal consisted of spit roast beef, lamb, and pork
with potato and salad.  What more can I say. After the meal
we sat around enjoying a chat with friends, while others
played cards and having a great laugh in the process.
overall a great day was had by all.

Fred & Valda Lubbe

Day 2 – Sunday 11 March 2001

Sunday morning arrived, another lovely sunny warm day ahead
of us. Some of us had had a good night’s sleep, others were
looking a little blurry eyed this morning, but all were their
same cheery selves. We sat down to another hearty breakfast,
a few more people managed to get scrambled eggs this
morning, thanks to the chef.

After breakfast and a leisurely start to the day our trip
leaders informed us of the days proceedings. We were to
depart the camp at 9.45 am and motor to Alexandra where we
were askedto put our cars on display at the Timber Tramway
& Museum for 2 or 3 hours and have a wander around the
town followed by lunch and a look around the museum. We
arrived at Alexandra following a short drive and parked our
cars along a disused train track.

Before we set off on foot towards the town, Jack Stork, one of
the many volunteers at the Museum gave us a brief history of
the town its surroundings and the Museum itself.  The Timber
Tramway uses the historic Alexandra railway station as its home
base.  Completed in 1912, the station was carefully restored in
1998. Housed in the buildings are various displays relating to
the history of the Alexandra region in general, and the Rubicon
Forest in particular.  Jack had also prepared a map which
pointed out some points of interest around the town for us to see.

After a wander around town and a brief visit to the coffee shop,
we all headed back to the museum where our lunch had arrived.
We all enjoyed a picnic lunch of lovely sandwiches and fruit that
had been sent over from the camp. By this time we were all seek-
ing the shade of some lovely big trees as the day had become
quite hot by this time.

After lunch we all dispersed again and had a good look around
the Museum.  There were some very interesting exhibits on
display. I think most people had a ride on the Tramway which
was being pulled by a lovingly restored steam engine.

By mid afternoon it was time to depart the Museum and head
back to camp via the old deserted township of Rubicon. We
had been told that there were some remains of buildings and mill
equipment to be found there, but after a short drive along a very
dusty gravel road it soon became obvious that there wasn’t going
to be much that we could find. Right at the end of the valley we
came across a power station that was being driven by water from
the Rubicon River so we parked the cars and had a look around
the outside of the Power Station. The river was flowing very fast
there and it was obviously a popular spot for camping.

We decided to head back down the dusty road, motoring on to
Thornton where we stopped for afternoon tea, an icecream and
drink. From here we all headed back to camp for a rest and clean
up before dinner. On the way back to camp some of our members
were flagged down by a rather bedraggled looking person who
was in need of some help. A boating mishap had occurred and
some of our club members were called upon to help. The rest of
us headed on back to camp, to be told when we arrived that a
tragedy had been avoided and all persons were safe and
accounted for.  Needless to say those involved were very
appreciative of the help that had been given.We settled down
to a lovely dinner of freshly baked lasagne and salad followed
by fruit salad and the evening continued on with cards and games
being enjoyed by most people. It had been a very enjoyable day
and we would like to thank the organisers for another successful
weekend away with our vintage club friends.

Dulcie & Geoff Strahan

Day 3 – Monday 12 March 2001

After missing those who went walking at 7 am, I showered for
breakfast, and packed up from the night before. Following
breakfast, we were left to enjoy the morning as we saw fit. While
some remained behind at the camp, reading etc. quite a few
took a drive into Eildon just after 10 am, to view points of interest,
including the dam wall and spillway.  Upon returning to camp, Grace
and Myra joined us both in a couple of hands of cards.  Lunch
was ready at noon, with us managing to finish our game just before
having to say our goodbyes and depart camp for home. Taking just
over 2.5 hours, we arrived on the outskirts of Bendigo at approx.
3:45 pm.

Thank you to those present for the great company making for
another wonderful weekend, and to our card-playing cronies,
thanks for the laughs.  Our thanks must also go to Joy & Lindsay,
Gay & Geoff, for once again organising the weekend!

We also wish to thank Geoff & Gay for letting us ride with them
in the 1937 Chevrolet Roadster during the weekend (for those
who thought I had fallen asleep, I wasn’t tired, I was just hiding
from the dust). I am looking forward to next years weekend away
already, (where I am determined to get a certain member who
doesn’t trust me, to join me for a drink while playing cards).
Thank you once again,

Paul Tangey & Alana Wallis