8th April 2001

Sunday brought a warm and windy morning as we all meet
in Berwick. Reg Clarence was nominated to lead the small
group to Darnum. The Morrie set a mean pace and at one
point while the first three or so cars pulled over to let
the others catch up Reg lost his position as leader. But
was soon out in the right hand lane overtaking to get back
in the lead.

Ron and Grace Hickmott joined the group along the way. When
we arrived at the Music Village others from the DVHCC were
waiting, so it ended up quite a reasonable sized group.

After a quick cuppa and something to eat we were off on our
musical tour.

Elsie and Rebecca from the Darnum Music Village were our
hosts and they welcomed us warmly and set about their most
informative talks on different instruments. We were then
split up into two groups and shown around the church,
cottage and workshop. Albert Fox, the owner of the Village
has picked up a bargain or two over the years, for example
$100 for a beautiful church building. The girls could play
all the instruments and obviously enjoyed their job as there
was a lot of laughing and giggling.

Phil thanked the girls on behalf of the DVHCC and we headed
off to the Darnum Pub for lunch. The dining room was lively
with talk, laughter, eating and drinking. We headed off
home and were surprised by the change of weather over the
lunch break. It had dropped dramatically in temperature and
the rain was coming down steadily. Our Dodge windscreen
always leaks so after stuffing a few hankerchiefs here and
there we solved the problem.

I’m sure everyone enjoyed the day and thankyou to the
Committee for organising it.

Marilyn Cohen.

In Club Cars attending Daunum Music Village
Ron & Pam Barnett    1928 A Model Ford Tourer
Kevin, Carol, Jodie & Amy Clarence   1933 Rolls-Royce
Greg & Marilyn Cohen    1933 Dodge Sedan
Ron & Grace Hickmott    1929 A Model Ford Tourer
Ern & Pam Hopgood    1928 Chevrolet Tourer
Peter & Mazz Lafrank    1927 Buick Tourer
Graham McBain        1939 Mercury Sedan
Rin Ooykas        1938 Hudson Sedan
Ken & Shirley Savage    1927 Bean Tourer

In More Modern Means Of Transport
Michael, Margaret,Anna, John & James Hartman
Margaret, Robbie & Corrie Snyder
Lloyd & Margaret Lancaster
Sam & Myra Capes
Roger Bowen & Vivien
Reg & Margaret Clarence
Les & Cathy Lucas
Les & Pauline Standing
Graeme Smith
Lindsay & Joy Tharle
Fred & Valda Lubbe
Phil Bowden