3rd June 2001

The day showed every sign of remaining sunny so it was
decided to take the 1934 Lagonda Rapier. Running late as
usual we arrived at the Stamford Hotel 5 minutes after the
appointed time, however 10 minutes before the nominated
departure time. Here we met up with Graham McBain and
friends in the ’39 Mercury, Greg and Marilyn Cohen in the
’33 Dodge, Les and Pauline Standing in the ’32 Austin and
travelling modern were Keith and Sheila Shugg, Fred and
Valda Lubbe, Ray and Ruth Paterson, Fred and Loris Elliot
and Albert Briffa and Peggy Plaice.

A driver briefing was held and I was nominated lead car and
we discussed the route to get us to Yarra Glen. Fred Lubbe
our illustrious Club Captain was heard to say “We’ll STOP
and RE-GROUP at Yarra Glen.”

At 10:00 hours on the dot we departed travelling as slowly
as the traffic would allow via Stud Road, FerntreeGully
Road, Burwood Highway and Dorset Road. When turning right
into Boronia Road we got the first panic stricken Mobile
Phone call “We got separated, where are you?” We slowed
down even more and continued via Dorset Road, Colchester
Road, Canterbury Road, Hull Road, Victoria Road past the
Lillydale airport to Yarra Glen where we finally stopped
to re-group.

Here we were stopped by Keith Shugg (how did he get ahead
of us???)and met up with Brenda and Peter Chessum in the
’34 Chevrolet, Pat and Peter Grogan in the ’34 Dodge,
Grace and Ron Hickmott in the ’38 Dodge, Myra and Sam Capes
in the ’47 De Soto and Sue and David Pater modern. Missing
is the Club Captain and two of his intrepid followers.
I tried to ring Fred on his mobile number to be told this
number is not connected, I tried to ring the last answered
call on my mobile but I’m still mobile illiterate. Next
panic driven call is from Fred “Where are you? We’re at
Sugar Loaf Reservoir”. Amongst much laughter I asked,
“What happened to STOP and RE-Group at Yarra Glen?”

At the appointed time to leave Yarra Glen 11.20am (Stan’s
idea of precision) we departed for Sugarloaf Reservoir
leaving a few caffeine lovers to exclaim, “What about a
cappuccino?” Sue and David headed for the local Sunday
Market to see if there were any bargains and the rest of
us joined the Club Captain at the lunch spot past the
“dam” wall. I asked Fred not to use such language over
the mobile service, but I don’t think he heard me.

The lunch spot was perfect and the dark cloud that
dropped twenty spots of rain on our cars earlier moved
aside for a glorious sunny day. We had great facilities,
clean close toilets and plenty of shelter if the weather
decided to change. Barney did his best to look like a
wombat when it was discovered that dogs were not allowed
and settled for being leashed for the duration. An
enjoyable picnic lunch was partaken by all and some
walked off the calories before returning home at their

A great day, pleasant company, perfect weather and an
array of 1930’s vehicles that attracted an admiring
look from the visitors to Sugar Loaf Reservoir on that
3 June Sunday.

The Right of Reply

We started the day by meeting at the Stamford car park in
Rowville with the normal pre run chats, checking on what
the weather may do,before departing in convoy for a re-
grouping at Yarra Glen. Then proceeding in convoy on to
Sugarloaf Dam.

Travelling through the outer suburbs towards Lilydale we
struck some roadworks ( on a Sunday would you believe.
Plenty of overtime for the asphalters.) With hindsight
this is where the group separated into two and the rear
group arrived at Yarra Glen before the front group.
Assuming the first group had proceeded on, the rear group
continued on to the dam only to find that the others had
not arrived. Thanks to modern technology, a call on the
mobile found the others faithfully waiting at Yarra Glen.

With this sorted out, we eventually all met up at the
picnic area where there were plenty of free electric
BBQ’S, tables, and shelter. Fortunately the weather was
fine and people started to peel off their winter woollies
in favour of short sleeves.

The Club cars attracted the attention of one of the rangers
who came over to admire the vehicles, and upon doing so
spotted Barney Capes. The ranger came to the conclusion
that Barney was a dog, and therefore was not permitted
in the park. After some discussion, and recognising that
Barney was well behaved he agreed to turn a blind eye to
Barney being there provided he was not allowed to run

After lunch some departed for a tour of the local wineries
and antique shops, while others went for a stroll around
part of the dam to take in the beautiful scenery Sugarloaf
has to offer.

The walk also served as a reminder that we are still in
need of a lot more rain, and the need to conserve water,
as the water level appeared to be extremely low.

Over all a great day was had by all.

Fred & Valda Lubbe

In Club Cars attending Sugarloaf Dam run
Peter & Pat Grogan    1934 Dodge Sedan
Ron & Grace Hickmott    1938 Dodge 2 Door
Kevin & Carol Clarence    1934 Lagonda Rapier
Peter & Brenda Chessum    1934 Chevrolet Sedan
Greg & Marilyn Cohen    1933 Dodge Sedan
Les & Pauline Standing    1932 Austin7 Tourer
Graham McBain, Joy Brink,Theo Timmermans and
Maria Gamon     1939 Mercury Sedan

In Special Interest Means Of Transport
Sam & Myra Capes    1947 De Soto

In More Modern Means Of Transport

Albert Briffa & Peg Place
Fred & Lois Elliot
David & Sue Pater
Ray & Ruth Paterson
Keith & Sheila Shugg
Fred & Valda Lubbe