A 1927 Capital Chevrolet tourer was our introduction into the land of
historic cars.  This was purchased in 1980 in restored condition having
previously spent some time gracing the motor museum in Echuca after
a full working life spent with a farmer over the river and then later
restored by an enthusiast in Echuca. We joined the DVHCC in the early
eighties while domiciled at Rochester (and later Pakenham) and lingering
memories of this car are of the overheating problems that occurred on
every run home from the Australia Day rallies in Melbourne.
Increasing family commitments (kids sporting interests) and starting our
own business meant the car was not being used so it was sold to a
fellow from Geelong.

Fifteen years on with the kids all doing their own things and a change
in business interests it was time to get re-acquainted with old cars
and involved the restoration of a 1937 Austin 7 tourer and again
joining the DVHCC.  The A7 was finished to the stage of being
drivable (with temporary seating and upholstery and significantly no
top) and then taken on several club runs all of which seemed to involve
hills. (A real challenge to a large bloke in a little car)


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A trip to the 1995 Federation Marong picnic proved to be expensive.
It was here that a 1933 VX Vauxhall Cadet Coupe was for sale.  
 “If you want it buy it” was Jeanette’s comment. (I think A7 trips out
in the elements were getting the better of her).  So after gleaning the
opinion of several club members the Hobsons became the owners
of a 1933 Vauxhall Coupe.

Next challenge was to find out what we had bought.  The Vauxhall is
a 1933 six cylinder (3180cc) 26 hp VXCadet coupe. History we have
been able to obtain indicates that the restoration was carried out in
Queensland before the car was purchased and brought to Victoria
several years ago. We would appreciate any information that can
extend our knowledge of the cars previous life.  Searches of the web
have revealed that the VX cadet was launched in 1931 and utilized
the 3180cc Bedford engine from the commercial Vauxhall line which
also commenced in 1931.  VXs sold in England were fitted with a
smaller (2048cc) engine whilst overseas models were fitted with the
larger motor. The VX was the last Vauxhall model to be produced
prior to the introduction of syncromesh gears.  The body of our coupe
was manufactured by Holden coachbuilders.
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